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How-to Use BBQ Sauce with Wild Game Recipes



How-to Use BBQ Sauce with Wild Game Recipes - Critter Cookbook

Quite possibly as a lover of wild game recipes and a lover of the summer sunshine you probably spend a great deal cooking over a barbecue grill

and eventually, you come across the idea of all the different barbecue sauces that are in the marketplace today.

Which, I am sure you’re wondering by now what’s the difference between all the different barbecue sauces and how you can use them with the various wild game recipes that you can find here at for the most part barbecue sauces are used and added to food to add flavor pretty much like any kind of other spice that you might use to add flavor to cook food.

There are, even so, many various ways that you can use barbecue sauce with wild game cooking it is such a versatile condiment. barbecue sauce can be added to nearly any wild game recipe meal and is oftentimes used as a wild game dipping sauce as well. Below, will explore and learn more about BBQ sauces to discover a bit much more about their varied uses.


How are BBQ Sauces Created?

BBQ sauces come in such a wide variety of tastes and consistencies, from watery to extremely thick n saucy, from mild to extremely hot there’s a barbecue sauce out there for every flavor palette. many Different regions of the country boast their individual barbecue sauce flavor creations. Some parts of the country are known for their spicy barbecue sauces, and in other parts of the country oftentimes lean toward the sweeter style barbecue sauces, depending on exactly where you’re located in a country, you’re more than likely fit within one of those two categories.

However, for the most part, most barbecue sauces have one thing in common that would be the “Smoky Flavor” that is characteristically known for barbecue sauce. That characteristic smoky flavor that makes our mouths water when we’re brushing our favorite brand or flavor of barbecue sauce all over a thick venison steak or elk steak while it slowly cooks on our gas or charcoal grill is a wonderful smell indeed.

Again, as I’ve already mentioned various regions in the world are quite proud of their own style and flavor of barbecue sauces. for example, a quick search on Amazon will find you dozens of styles in flavors of barbecue sauces from in the United States alone. Most of these barbecue sauce variations are still based on a few fundamental ingredients, which include tomato paste, mustard, and vinegar. From there, other ingredients can be added to style the barbecue sauce that’s created – thus a barbecue sauce that is seasoned to the creator’s flavor palette. which is how each one of these diverse barbecue sauce flavors is created and exists in the market today.

How are BBQ Sauces Used in Cooking Wild Game?

The vast majority of the time, BBQ sauces are brushed onto the wild game meats we are cooking such as venison, elk, bear, turkey, duck, goose, and small game animals such as squirrels and rabbits. Some backyard chefs actually believe that applying barbecue sauce to your cooking food actually takes away the natural smoky flavor of your grilled food. however, this is simply not true barbecue sauce only adds to the flavor of the grilled meat and naturally enhances the flavor of any grilled wild game meat that you might prepare. it’s a narrow opinion that no grilled wild game would be complete without some sort of barbecue sauce to complement it.


Another amazing way to make use of barbecue sauce is used to barbecue sauce in place of pizza sauce when you’re making something like a venison pizza. using barbecue sauce in place of pizza sauce is becoming extremely popular and well-liked these days. Also, another popular use for barbecue sauce around the critter cookbook kitchen is to add it to our favorite wild game sandwiches like we’ve done here in the pulled venison barbecue sandwich.

You could also make use of barbecue sauce on venison hamburgers or even bear hamburgers. Since barbecue sauces are so unique you could easily even create your own barbecue sauce and use it on your own wild game recipe creations.

Using BBQ Sauce as a Dipping Sauce?

A lot of people have found a use for barbecue sauce as a dipping sauce they used barbecue sauce to replace ketchup or ranch as something to dip their fries, onion rings, or even potato chips in. And it makes perfectly good sense that they would use barbecue sauce as a dipping sauce in place of ketchup because ketchup is one of the base ingredients of barbecue sauce itself.

There are of course many other uses for barbecue sauce, and we are sure that you’ll discover your own individual use for this smoky tangy sauce as well. the exciting and wonderful thing about barbecue sauce is there are no rules you can use it any way you wish as a dipping sauce for your fried sides or you can use it as a glaze on your grilled wild game meats.


Share Your Favorite Way to Use BBQ Sauce

Feel free to drop us a comment below to let us know how you use barbecue sauce within your wild game recipes. We are excited to see what you share with us.

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